This law office provides consulting services, preparation of documentation, creation of legal documents and representing in judicial, administrative and misdemeanour proceedings related to the field of civil and commercial law, particularly

- Law of obligations

  • creation of the share purchase agreements, charitable agreement, maintenance contracts to death  and lifelong maintenance, lease agreements and lease contracts, services contracts, construction contracts, pledge and loan agreements, etc.
  • procedures against insurance and others companies  because of compensation of damages from areas of accident at work, traffic and other accidents
  • representing in public notary and legal proceedings for recovery of debts,

- Real law and land regulations

  • pre-registration, recordation and registration of property rights, rights of pledge (mortgage) and other rights related to the possession and ownership of real estate contractual basis, judicial or extra-judicial decisions
  • harmonization between cadastre and the land registry status of properties merged with solving of the open property rights questions
  • determining and ownership right protection the acquisition of ownership by adverse possession, trespassing
  • creation of division agreements
  • representing in individual proper procedures
  • representing  in non-contentious proceedings dividing joint property and dissolution of joint property ownership

- Inheritance law

  • advising and representing in probate proceedings
  • composition of wills , agreements on the transfer and distribution of assets for life
  • representing  in court proceedings to contesting a will, and  maintenance contracts to death  and lifelong maintenance

- Enforcement law

  • composition proposals for the issuance of execution decisions , complaints and appeals against the enforcement decisions
  • composition proposals for the issuance of provisional measures , etc.
  • representing in enforcement proceedings

- Commercial Law

  • advisory services , preparing of documentation for statutory changes of trading companies,
  • representing in proceedings entered into court register,
  • preparing of normative acts, including the area of labor law
  • representing in commercial litigation

- Constitutional law and procedure in front of the European Court of Human Rights

  • composition of constitutional claims in order to protect fundamental human rights and freedoms in the proceedings in front of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatian
  • composition of claim to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


    We are located on the west side of the City of Zagreb, near the Hotel Antunovic in settlement Špansko. Besides our headquarters in Zagreb, we also work through other law office associates, law office in Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula and Prague (Czech Republic), subsequently we are able to provide effective representing in these areas.

  • Office hours - Monday-Friday from 9,00 am to 5,00 pm
  • Admission of Clients – only towards to previous agreement 


      Igor Skala, mag.iur.